The Department of Treasury & Finance undertook an assessment of 170 Investment Logic Maps (ILM) submitted as part of the 2012 Victoria State Government budget process. Of those 170, 99 were completed by Accredited Facilitators and 71 by Non-Accredited Facilitators. Only 1% of the maps produced by Non-Accredited Facilitators were rated as high quality compared to 31% rated as High quality by Accredited Facilitators.

The message is clear, beware of trained facilitators purporting to be accredited facilitators – there is a difference. Use an Accredited Facilitator if you need a High Quality ILM to accompany a Business Case.

Why are accredited facilitators achieving better ILM results? Well the capability required of facilitators has been increasing since the inception of the Investment Management Standard (IMS). Facilitators need to be more strategic in their thinking; the nature of investments using the IMS has moved to the highest level; and the audiences involved can be more complex & sophisticated. The accreditation process prepares & challenges a facilitator to meet these demands & to uphold the IMS.

As an Accredited Facilitator I’d be pleased to help.


  1. The Victoria Department of Treasury & Finance has issued Version 5 of the Investment Management Standard. Version 5 of the standard will now be used by Accredited Facilitators in New Zealand. Stephen Davies Howard is an accredited facilitator. This web site has been updated to reflect Version 5 for the ILM and SLIP (see Investment Logic Mapping Products).

  2. The Davies Howard Group has been working with the New Zealand Treasury National Infrastructure Unit in the development of the Better Business Case (BBC) Training & Support Programme to ensure that it reflects the latest version (Version 5) of the Investment Standard (ILM). The purpose was to align the Better Business Case and the outputs from the Investment Logic Mapping process to support the Strategic Assessment of the Programme Business Case, the Indicative Business Case, the Detailed Business Case and the Single Stage Business Case.

    As an accredited ILM facilitator Stephen Davies Howard will be helping to facilitate the BBC Training & Support Programme with the National Infrastructure Unit.

  3. Stephen has been endorsed by the Better Business Case International Standards Board as as one of four people to be recognised as both an Expert Practitioner and Reviewer for the New Zealand Treasury. His endorsement is part of a Treasury pilot initiative aimed at improving the business case capability of Priority Public Sector Organisations. Stephen was nominated by Lincoln University and Te Papa Tongarewa. Nominated candidates presented on a given subject and were interviewed and assessed by the Board.

    The key purposes of the Expert roles:

    Expert Practitioner

    - Assist organisations with the scoping, planning and production of the business case at key stages
    - To act as an adviser to the Management Team on the application of the BBC processes, including technical issues associated with the supporting methodology and the application of investment tools and techniques.
    - To act as a facilitator within supporting workshops, whilst ensuring that the prescribed products are prepared and completed to the required standard.
    - To challenge within supporting workshops, whilst enabling views to be expressed and a way forward to emerge

    Expert Reviewer

    - Assist Organisations with the quality assurance of their business cases
    - To provide independent and impartial confirmation to the Management Team and/or Decision Maker that the BBC processes and tools and techniques have been applied to the required standard and that the resultant deliverables are fit for purpose, prior to approval.
    - To maintain the standards of the BBC as set out in the BBC Guidance, supporting templates, CBA Primer and associated sources.