Principal and Director of Davies Howard Holdings, Stephen Davies Howard formed the Group as the nucleus of a network of like minded people able to leverage off of a wealth of strategic international experience. The consultancy is based on knowledge gained from successful relationships working with the public sector, international partnerships and alliances.

The Group provides a network of financially astute, commercially focused, experienced directors and leaders with track records of creating and implementing international strategic plans for multi-dimensional organisations. The Group has proven experience at leading diverse, multi-disciplinary operations requiring the leadership of change management, governance strategies, major investments, international business development opportunities and long-term policy goals for both public and private sector.

The Group’s associates are highly adept at managing governance processes and securing funding and sponsorship by identifying opportunities, creating effective business plans and obtaining buy-in from Board members, Select Committee Panels, CEO’s and executive management teams to enable and deliver change.

The Davies Howard Group is able to call upon expertise across all functions of an organisation including operational, finance, change management, human resources and process improvement functions and it has particular in-depth knowledge of the aviation, defence, technologies and security sectors.

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